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Here are Turbo-CF project

busmux.zip A1200<->ColdFire bus multiplexor schematics and sources. There are source (busmux.gdf), timing example (busmux.snf). A scheme in GIF format is included for those, who do not have Altera Max+Plus II.
scheme.zip Current accelerator schematics. There are scheme in Accel EDA 15.0 format and GIF images.


[Various Documentation]
FileShort DescriptionSource
a1200schem.lzx A1200 schematics amihard.nm.ru
amysch.zip One more A1200 schematics lvd.nm.ru
MCF68K.zip MC680x0 emulation library for Coldfire www.microapl.co.uk
co_DimmSdram168Unbuf.html Dimm pinout margo.student.utwente.nl
co_Simm72.html Simm pinout margo.student.utwente.nl
co_SimmSo144.html SO DIMM pinout margo.student.utwente.nl
construction.pdf An article about schematics design on russian. www.analog.spb.ru
Bliz030SCSIConn.txt Blizzard 1230/50-IV SCSI socket pinout Multimeter
MCF5307 Users manual
MCF5307BUM-PREF.pdf Preface e-www.motorola.com
MCF5307BUM-OVER.pdf Overview e-www.motorola.com
MCF5307BUM-CORE.pdf ColdFire core e-www.motorola.com
MCF5307BUM-MAC.pdf Hardware Multiplication-Accumulation Unit (MAC) e-www.motorola.com
MCF5307BUM-MEM.pdf Internal RAM e-www.motorola.com
MCF5307BUM-DEBUG.pdf Background Debug Module e-www.motorola.com
MCF5307BUM-SIM.pdf System integration module e-www.motorola.com
MCF5307BUM-PLL.pdf Phase Locked Loop e-www.motorola.com
MCF5307BUM-I2C.pdf I2C Module e-www.motorola.com
MCF5307BUM-IC.pdf Interrupt Controller e-www.motorola.com
MCF5307BUM-CS.pdf Chip Select Module e-www.motorola.com
MCF5307BUM-DRAM.pdf DRAM Controller e-www.motorola.com
MCF5307BUM-DMA.pdf DMA Controller e-www.motorola.com
MCF5307BUM-TIMER.pdf Timer e-www.motorola.com
MCF5307BUM-UART.pdf UART e-www.motorola.com
MCF5307BUM-PPORT.pdf Parallel Port (general purpose IO) e-www.motorola.com
MCF5307BUM-MECH.pdf Mechanical Data e-www.motorola.com
MCF5307BUM-SIGDES.pdf Signal Description e-www.motorola.com
MCF5307BUM-BUSOP.pdf Bus Operation e-www.motorola.com
MCF5307BUM-JTAG.pdf IEEE 1149.1 (JTAG) e-www.motorola.com
MCF5307BUM-CACHE.pdf Cache e-www.motorola.com
MCF5307BUM-SRAM.pdf Static RAM e-www.motorola.com
MCF5307BUM-MBUS.pdf M-Bus Module e-www.motorola.com
MCF5307BUM-PKGDWG.pdf Package Outline Drawings e-www.motorola.com
MCF5307BUM-ELEC.pdf Electrical Specification e-www.motorola.com
MCF5307BUM-APPA.pdf Appendix A. Memory Map e-www.motorola.com
MCF5307BUM-GLOSS.pdf Appendix B. Terms and abbreviations e-www.motorola.com
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